About Northwest Brewing Company

The brewery was originally known as Laughing Buddha and was then rebranded as Trade Route Brewing, which is where it was 5 years ago when we purchased it. From 2012 to now we are known as Northwest Brewing Company.


Trade Route Brewing did about 800 barrels of beer a year in 2012 and since we bought it to now in 2015 NWBC did a touch under 7,000 barrels. We are shooting for 9000 in 2016, which will be an amazing milestone. In that time we have increased the production side of the brewery from 60 barrels of fermentation & 75 barrels of brite tank space to now 500 barrels of fermentation space and 200 barrels of brite tank space. What that means is we have capacity in the current facility to brew and ship up to 12,000 barrels of beer.


We are breaking ground sometime in August 2018 on a new taproom in the Woodinville WA area, which is very exciting. That combined with growing our distribution, which started in just Washington to now Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, Montana, North & South Dakota and Minnesota we are being sold in 9 states.

Dan Anthony

The Founders

Greg Steed

We are growing fast and we are looking forward to a long steady road ahead of us introducing all the great people of the Pacific Northwest and beyond to our ever-growing line of what we think are amazing beers. We owe a big Thank You to everyone who has supported us these last 5 years as you can see in the picture below we are now listed as one of the top 25 breweries in the state of Washington!

Not bad for a couple local guys and some really hard working people in the brewery grinding it out every day.


“On July 9, 2016, Northwest Brewing celebrated five years of serving the community its award winning beers. Hundreds of locals showed up to support and celebrate the brewery!

Meet Greg Steed

Hi, I’m a local Washington guy who grew up in Bellingham and have been in the Northwest since my parents moved us from San Francisco, California when I was very young. The Pacific Northwest I definitely consider my home.  I am a proud father of 4 children: Grant, Stepheny, Tyler and Jordan. Luckily I am also now a Grandfather of 4 little ones too!


I attended Western Washington University and after school I was undecided on what I was going to do. With a young family starting, I applied for a job with K & L Distributors hoping to just find a summer driving job. I was hired that same day as a merchandiser, and the rest is really a whirlwind as I rose quickly through the ranks of the company on the sales side.


After a few stints with other companies such as Anheuser Busch, Rainier, and Coors wholesalers I returned to K & L and became the Executive VP of Sales & Marketing until I left in 2010 to explore the opportunity to be an entrepreneur. This is when I dove into business with a group of like minded individuals to create what today is Northwest Brewing Company.


Today I enjoy our venture in which I am the CEO of NWBC to utilize our strengths and relationships that we have developed over the years. We are excited to continue to grow our brands, and now are looking at market expansion again into California as well as Alaska.


As an athlete my whole life I love the competition that the beer industry provides and we are not only fighting the good fight... we are winning!

We rose to the 25th largest brewery in Washington last year and have our sights on the top 10, so get out there and buy some damn beer from us! We are two local boys who grew up in modest environments and are trying to grab a piece of that elusive brass ring, but even if we don’t ….Its been a hell of a ride already!

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